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Tailored Insurance Solutions for Land Rover and Range Rover Fleets

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage for Corporate Entities


In this day and age, its incredibly important to make sure that your business vehicles are correctly insured. For businesses relying on a fleet of vehicles that includes Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, finding exhaustive insurance coverage is not just a necessity; it assumes strategic significance.

At  1st UK Broking, we are specialists in insuring vehicles that are owned by businesses, or Directors including Range Rovers and Land Rovers.


Business Insurance for Land Rover and Range Rover Vehicles


When looking at the insurance of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles under your business name, it is important to review all of the attributes and the value of these luxury vehicles. Our team at 1st UK Broking specializes in finding policies that not only meet legal requirements but ensure great cover for unforeseen eventualities. Our team take the time to recognize the difference of each corporate entity, undertaking a full analysis of individual requirements, resulting in the creation of bespoke insurance plans that give directors and owners a sense of security.


Fleet Insurance For Range Rovers

Effectively managing a fleet that includes Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles is easy once the right insurance is in place. There are multiple levels of cover available when choosing to insure your Range Rover as part of your business including:


a. Comprehensive: Safeguard your fleet against an array of risks, including accidents, theft, vandalism, and acts of nature.

b. Third-Party Liability: Fulfil you legal obligations and protect the financial interests of the business by indemnifying against third-party damages.

c. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Ensure comprehensive protection for your fleet, even in scenarios where the counterparty lacks adequate insurance.

What’s more, you can choose who can drive your vehicle on the fleet with options including:

  • Any Driver Over 21

  • Any Driver Over 25

  • Any Driver Over 30

  • Named Driver Only – with this policy, you name the drivers that are allowed to use each vehicle.

  • A mixture of the 2 – in some cases it makes more sense to insure your Fleet as Any Driver Over 30, but name 1 individual that may be under 30 to drive certain vehicles.


Directors Cover in Driving

For businesses where directors actively engage in operating Land Rover or Range Rover vehicles, a specialist insurance broker such as ourselves would be able to help. Our staff understand the risks associated with luxury vehicles including Range Rovers.

If you are looking to insure your range rover or land rover as part of your business, contact 1st UK Broking – Fleet Insurance Specialists.




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