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Fire Alarm Installer Insurance

If you're a Fire Alarm Installer in the UK, it's important to understand the various types of insurance that you need to protect your business. Having the right insurance coverage can help you avoid financial loss in case of accidents, damages, or legal disputes. 

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Additional Cover

We have access to specialist products that can provide additional cover that is essential to your trade, such as:

  • Inefficacy Liability - also known as failure to perform

  • Loss of extinguishant in Fixed Fire Extinguishers

We can also accommodate high risk trades such as sprinkler installation and passive fire protection including in-tumescent products & spraying.

Types of Cover

We can help you with the following products:

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Secure your Fire Alarm Installer Insurance Policy with 1st UK Broking today!

  • Why use 1st UK Broking?
    1st UK Broking have experience in the commercial and fleet insurance market. Our team is full of knowledgeable staff, and they want to find a policy that is individually tailored to you. It is important to us that we find you a policy that is suited to your needs, as this is something we take pride in.
  • How much does commercial insurance cost?
    Unfortunately there is no set answer to this, there are many factors involved in pricing up a commercial insurance policy. This depends on what sort of insurance you need, and the level of cover you need, as well as other factors. Just rest assured that no matter what type of insurance you need, our team at 1st UK Broking will strive to find a policy which is suited to you and your business.
  • Is commercial insurance a legal requirement?
    Every business has different requirements, depending on how many employees and the size of your business. Speak to our team at 1st UK Broking today, to see how we can help you and your business.
  • Why use a specialist broker?
    A specialist broker, such as ourselves will understand the needs of the client and will be experienced and knowledgeable in the market. This means we can pair you with an insurance provider and a policy that is suited to your needs.

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